Metamorphosis: Paint Night

Friday Evening, Dec 8th 2017 at McTavish Academy Of Art
An exciting evening, painting with purpose
(Doors at 6:30pm) Event 7–9 pm

Participants will be lead through the creation of their very own painting. All supplies will be provided. A cash bar with wine and beer will be available.

Babysitting is available on site to make it an easy night out for all you parents. Kids will enjoy various creative activities throughout the building The additional charge will be $5/child and can be paid at the front desk on arrival.

Learn more about why we are hosting this event, what the proceeds are going towards and about the two kids who have brought it all together Kaiden (8yrs) and Carter Gobbett (5yrs) Details Below



Unable to attend but would like to donate for the creation of an art package? Click Here

Kaiden (8) and Carter Gobbett (5) are consistently trying to find their Mother, Melissa, throughout their daily lives. Whether it’s in the clouds while on the playground, a flower in a garden, or a Monarch Butterfly spending just a few extra seconds fluttering by, they are always looking for that connection.

Sadly, the boys lost their Mother to a rare form of brain cancer in April of last year. From the very moment Melissa had been diagnosed, both Kaiden and Carter were heavily involved in spending time and caring for their Mother, but now that she is no longer here they are consistently looking for avenues to honour and stay connected to her memory. Over the past year and a half they have kept busy with projects that they like to dedicate to Melissa. It’s something that has meant a lot to the boys and has become something that the whole family enjoys doing together.

One day, Kaiden was thinking about all the other children that have lost loved ones, and was feeling concerned. He had a serious want to reach out to them. Inspired by some recent classes he had been taking at the McTavish Academy of Art, and because both Carter and Kaiden take so much pride in their ‘creations’, they determined the perfect way to connect other families.

One of the greatest ways to express love, anger, sadness, and all other emotions that are present when families go through loss is in Art. Whether it be drawing, music, dance, painting, etc., the Arts have proven to give that outlet that so many desire. Although it will never bring those we’ve lost back to us, we can find the means to express ourselves, regardless of age, when we don’t always know how we’re feeling, or have difficulty sharing.

Quickly, the Monarch Mission was born on the premise that we have all lost someone who meant the world to us. Both Kaiden and Carter have explained that whenever they see a Monarch Butterfly it reminds them of Melissa, smiling and playing along with them. She had always said that once she was gone, this would be a way they could know she was still there loving them as she always had. So, in her honour, the young brothers have established The Monarch Mission; a series of events, connected to the expression of art, where proceeds from tickets sales will go to the purchase of art supply bags for children, families or maybe even those currently stuck in a hospital bed. The Mission is something that lights the boys up whenever they speak about it and makes them feel good that they’re helping others through the experience they’ve gone through at such a young age.

On Dec. 8th, 2017, The Art For Everyone Foundation will be holding it’s very first Monarch Mission event: Metamorphosis; Paint with a Purpose located at The McTavish Academy of Art. The event will be a fun filled, instructor led class that will offer adult beverages. For those with children, babysitting will be offered at $5/child at the institute as well. It gives the adults a nice evening away to try something new and exciting all while supporting a terrific cause that so many hold close to their hearts.